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contact Contact - The Specialist for Palm Leaves is the specialist for the production and selling of pure natural decoration, preserved real-leaf palm fronds, complete palm trees and a wide range of accessories like fire-prevention-spray and coconut fiber.

Advantages for Our Customers:

Due to a special method in preserving their natural essence, our palm fronds are nonperishable, require no care and are suitable for rooms of any temperature.

We are selling two kinds of palm fronds:


Areca/Phoenix Palm FrondAreca/Phoenix palm fronds

Our specially preserved areca/phoenix palm leaves are the basic building blocks of our palm trees.
They have become a favorite way of decorating the roofs of bars, empty walls, catered buffets, stage sets, convention projects and living areas.

At you can order these palm fronds in the magnificent lengths of approx. 1.20 meters!

For any other lengths, just call us and ask for them.

To order areca/phoenix palm fronds, please click here.



washingtonia palm frondWashingtonia palm fronds

New in stock we have palm fronds of Washingtonia Robusta, because our customers asked for them.

These leaves have a diameter of approx. 60cm, a stem of approx. 60-70cm, the total length is about 1-1,2m.




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